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SMILE's Life From January 1 To March 16, 2020

After you've:

- Created SMILE France (Thank you Geoffrey),

- Created SMILE Costa Rica (Thanks Frederic Matthys),

- Product commercial brochures (SMILE production and printing by Creativa Tamarindo)

- I wrote down the processes and imagined the routes and connections

- known to our expected future clients (private laboratories, savings bank, veterinarians, etc.) and to the Ministry of Health to explain our approach.

- We found 2 utility vehicles (Peugeot Partner, Chevrolet N300) and it was not an easy task!

- Transformed the 2 vehicles to receive samples - Category B biological substances, but also DASRI, reagents, medicines, etc. (Thanks to Jonathan and his brother from Natural furnitures),

- Flocking imagined and done (SMILE realization)

- Flocked the 2 vehicles (Thanks to Creativa Tamarindo),

- Found the containers for the handling of 3 temperatures (ambient, refrigerated and frozen)

- Registered the containers (Tamarindo Creative Printing),

- Found a supplier of Carboglace (Praxair)

- Recruited our first collaborator / driver -in San Jose (Rolando),

- Recruited a substitute driver on the Guanacaste route (Jonathan),

- Trained drivers in the regulation of the transport of dangerous goods by road and in the work processes

- Found an accountant (MVConta) and verified that we were up to date with all administrative procedures

Our activity began on March 16, 2020 with a first route in Guanacaste (from Nicoya to Liberia) and a connection the same day from Liberia to San Jose.

On the third day of this tour, we had the great pleasure of transporting our first sample entrusted by the Navarro and Alpizar Laboratory to the Blood Bank in San José. Many thanks to Dr. Navarro, who, since then, made the decision to entrust us with daily sample transfers to San José. Thank you for your confidence in the SMILE CR team.

This beautiful stage concretes all the hours of work done and is a great satisfaction.

This first week was the occasion for the final adjustments that confirmed that the quality of the service offered is 100% in the appointment.

As part of the continuous improvement of our process, a thermal traceability instrument will soon be implemented that allows real time monitoring of the 3 temperatures along the entire sample chain and provides reports to customers.

Thank you all for your encouragement and confidence.

See you soon in your laboratories, veterinary clinics, hospitals ...


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