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Since January 30th, in order to better respond to the needs of our customers,

Smile CR offers the same collection in Guanacaste on Saturday morning for delivery in San Jose in the middle of the afternoon.

And to meet the volume of collections a second round is offered in Guanacaste.

Since the end of February, there are 2 rounds per day:

  • The one in the morning allowing a delivery in the middle of the afternoon and,

  • The one in the afternoon with a delivery in the early evening, early night.

These 2 routes were created for the afternoon round in order to preserve the quality of our service,

The Small Tour

The Big Tour

All this was made possible by the acquisition of 2 new vehicles (Nissan March) and the recruitment and training of 2 new drivers.

  • Ricardo (San José => Libéria => San José)

  • Jarvi (Guanacaste => Guanacaste)

Thanks again to our customers who trust us

Muriel Lahonta Eric Fingonnet

President General Manager

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