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Smile CR authorized by the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica

It is with great pleasure that we announce that as of May 12, 2020, SMILE CR is approved by the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica for the transport and distribution of Category B biological materials (UN3373), in accordance with Decree No. 39472-S and Decree 24715 on dangerous materials. We hope that this new step taken by SMILE CR is a testimony to our willingness to offer your laboratories and patients a professional, specialized and quality transportation service. We have worked for the Ministry of Health to position itself on this specific type of transport which requires knowledge : - On the transported products (presence of possible pathogenic agents, temperature maintenance, respect of deadlines, …), - On the associated regulations and therefore the measures to be taken to guarantee the integrity of the sample but also to ensure the safety of the driver and the population (triple packaging). Our drivers and the members of management who may intervene during transport are trained in these regulations and in our processes, which guarantees perfect traceability and the ability to intervene safely in the event of a problem with a sample. We hope that all these elements will be triggers that will allow your laboratory to work regularly, even daily, with SMILE CR. Of course, we are at your disposal (24/7). Muriel LAHONTA Eric FINGONNET

Presidente Director General

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