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We announced in our last post that we would explain to you why, in addition to its consulting and training activities 100% dedicated to the Healthcare sector, SMILE would also offer support to emerging countries in order to set up transport solutions dedicated to healthcare and mainly to biology samples.

After several trips to Costa Rica, we wanted to confirm that countries such as Costa Rica, which is very advanced in sustainable development and green economy, could be lagging behind in the management of health flows.

We therefore asked the French CCI present in Costa Rica to carry out a study of the Biology Market and its transport.

After a quick training on the specificities of this "industry", Elina Marguet, project manager at the CCI FR in Costa Rica, conducted very professional interviews with several laboratories and structures pre-selected by SMILE.

The laboratories were present and showed transparency about their organizations and their possible expectations.

In view of the conclusions of this study and after a meeting with Dra Ana Lucía Aguilar - Fiscal Auxiliar of the College of Microbiologists, SMILE decided to offer, in addition to its usual activities, a transport activity through a local sister company SMILE CR.

The aim of SMILE CR is to be able to pass on the know-how of its President to its drivers and to enable laboratories and veterinarians in Provinces outside the Capital to structure their transport and to bring physical, thermal and regulatory quality to these laboratories.

SMILE CR enables them to reach the Capital on the day of collection with total physical traceability and temperature management from their laboratory to their reference laboratory.

SMILE CR will also support them in their differentiating accreditation process.

Finally, SMILE CR will also be able to allow these laboratories to choose their specialty laboratory by helping them to export certain samples.

The first pilot started on March 16th in the Guanacaste Province.

Muriel Lahonta & Eric Fingonnet

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